Top tips to help you excel in your career as a food critic

A food critic’s job may seem like an easy one, however, you need to be extremely knowledgeable to reach a position wherein you can guide your readers to the right places to enjoy their meals with their family, friends or loved ones. With the sudden growth in the food industry and the pressure to keep up with these growing demands, being a food critic can be considered as an extremely lucrative career option. You can use job wrapping for a better response. Essentially, there are two basic skills required to excel in a career as a food critic; firstly, it is important to possess exceptionally good writing skills as it is your words that are likely to create an impact on the reader. Secondly, your knowledge about food should be vast and ever expanding. Therefore, it is safe to say that both these skills are heavily dependent on each other as one cannot exist without the other.  Given below are some essential tips that will ensure that you pull all stops for a successful career as a food critic.

1.)   Work as a reporter for a newspaper:

You may have the palate that would give any professional chef a run for his money however, if you are unable to put it forward in words, you can hardly excel as a food critic as it is your words that will help put forward your message to your readers. Therefore, being exceptionally good with words is an absolute must. If you are still in your education phase, you must certainly consider majoring in a subject that lays emphasis on words and language, preferably Journalism or English. However, if you have realized your passion a tad later in life, you can take up a short course that will train you formally or you could also contemplate working as an intern at a Magazine or Newspaper Company to help you practically learn the ropes.

2.)   Understand the working of a restaurant:

As much as words play a massive role in the life of a food critic, it is important that you understand the functioning of a restaurant as these two factors are heavily dependent on each other. Working in a restaurant is always a plus as it helps you familiarise yourself with the various levels at which a restaurant functions. Make the most of your time in a restaurant and learn as much as you can. You can also use job wrapping services to get a better result.

3.)   Push your palate to its extreme:

To be an exceptionally good food critic, your knowledge of food needs to be impeccable. Understanding flavours and how the ingredients blend with each other seamlessly is important. One of the best qualities of a food critic is their ability to experiment with a multitude of cuisines and note down the distinct features and flavours that they come across. Being descriptive is the key. However, if you are the kind of person who finds it very difficult to experiment with new cuisines and try new things, this may not be the career path for you.

4.)   Writing your review:

To write a good review, you need to find your own voice. You can take inspiration from some of the best critics in the world to understand your job better, but eventually, it is your opinion that should shine through. Sampling a foreign cuisine with a local of that region will help you get the most accurate results. It is also important that you focus on the environment in which the food is served as well.

Author’s bio:

Martin Packer is a food critic who has been working in this field for nearly 6 years. He was working as a chef for about 15 years before retiring and becoming a full time critic for a well known food magazine. He uses job wrapping frequently and is an avid reader.

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