How to focus when working from home

The flexible timings provided in certain jobs in Mumbai or around the other IT belts of India is roping in highly skilled professionals who are increasingly opting for work from home. Work from home provides them the scope for multiple engagements while staying strictly professional. The advantages include more time with family, fewer mobility hassles, and increased productivity, but it has its own share of distractions like interruptions by family members, household chores, a mid-day siesta or even the comfort of the couch. While it is difficult to stay productive in the face of such varied distractions, the real trouble begins when these distractions begin dominating your ability to deliver work. Read on for some quick tips to help yourself optimize your potential.


1) Set clear deadlines to complete your scheduled tasks. Maintain a basic level of pressure as it will push you into realistic time frames and propel you to complete your tasks on time. Gain a laser-focus to increase productivity and meet your goals.


2) Designate a particular workspace similar to that at your office. Segregate official tasks from household errands. It will contribute to your productivity. Working on the couch, bed, or kitchen may be a boon, but it might as well end up affecting your attention span and productivity.


3) Make your workspace as pretty as you want it to be in the actual office space. Brighten it up with your favourite photos, artwork, or organisational tools that will attract you to that space. Workspaces are an extension of your life, so make it a pleasing sight.


4) Review your time realistically. Understand how you use your time. Periodically observe what you do and how much time it takes you to perform certain tasks. This will help you to introduce alterations if necessary.


5) Enlist your tasks each morning and be realistic about them. Segregate the urgent tasks from the important ones. This will encourage you to tick them off faster.


6) Take breaks periodically. It is not humanly possible to stay focused for hours at a stretch. Taking breaks is integral to enhancing your productivity. Be smart enough to know when to connect and when to disconnect. Refresh yourself.


7) Elevate your appearance. It will energize and inspire you into doing meaningful work. Create a personal dress code. Dressing in a business-like manner that puts you into operation mode. Look presentable to yourself and be comfortable at the same time. It will make you confident.


8) Set aside specific time for social media. Although social media is known to improve work productivity, it can also pose as a major distraction. When you tick off a task from your to-do list, reward yourself by satisfying your social media cravings.


While working from home has a lot of advantages, it also brings along temptations that can sabotage productivity. Follow these steps to ensure continued focus on your work.

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