Finding the Balance Between Work and Home Life

Often in our busy lives finding the balance between our work and home activities is a challenging job. You may have young toddlers who constantly need supervision or have other commitments outside of the office; whatever the circumstance, managing your time effectively is your best bet. However, it is important to not lose sight of the importance of allowing yourself time to de-stress and relax from work when reorganising your schedule, especially for those of you who have emotionally demanding jobs.


Finding the balance between home life and work life is a hard job for all ages, but especially for those who have just graduated. Once completing at least three years of education, after over a decade of previous studies, joining the employment market may seem a daunting task. This is made especially harder when it comes to understanding the time and place for recreational activities is limited; you will most likely be working five days a week, 9am till 5pm.


It is through the restrictions of maintaining a job, therefore, that some work becomes almost more like chore, controlling and fundamentally overwhelming. If this is the case for you it may be worthwhile to take a step back and revaluate your choices, whilst trying to establish ways in which you can alleviate the stresses of your job.


The most obvious way in which you can reduce the impact of work upon your life is through organisation. Perhaps your dedication in the office is limited and you end up taking work home with you- completing this during the day means you have more time to spare. There are many online applications for your smart phone that can help improve your organisational skills, as well as calendar apps for laptops that you can connect with members of your family or friends.


Allowing assistance for your time management may be surprisingly effective, but if you find you still are not finding time for social activities, a conversation with your employer may bring about more flexible work shifts. It is absolutely crucial to remember the significance of having downtime for yourself when working, but even more so for the more physically strenuous or emotionally demanding. For employment within the health care system that deals with mental health, such as psychology jobs, it can be particularly challenging, as you are coping with both complex situations, and stressful environments. Ultimately, your welfare remains paramount when you commit yourself to a job; this should be understood and appreciated by not only your employer, but by you too!



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