A Student’s Guide To Showering In Shared Accommodation

Your first year at university will be a monumental period, full of meeting new people, great nights out and eventually finding your own feet without your parents. Whilst you have your own bedroom, one new way of life you’ll have to get used to is sharing your bathroom if you’re not paying for the luxury of having an ensuite. Despite the stereotypes, shared showers aren’t all horror stories, especially if you follow the tips in this handy guide:

Be Considerate

You’re not the only one who needs to freshen up in the morning; in fact there may be other students with devastating hangovers that need it way more than you do. If you don’t take all day in the shower, you’ll find that queues and angry flatmates will not cross your path in your first year. This isn’t just for the benefit of your flatmates however, as often halls are equipped with cheap electric showers that run out of hot water before you’ve even started to wash your shampoo out. That’s why it’s key to economies and priorities your shower routine so you ensure you don’t get caught out through planning what you need to do and doing it as quickly as possible.

Be Prepared

Make sure you bring everything you need within when you go to shower, as once you’ve left to retrieve that forgotten can of shaving gel, you may find an impatient queuer has nabbed your cubicle whilst you were gone. Invest in a wash bag to store your essentials if distance is an issue; and even if it isn’t, a bag will make your items a lot easier to carry.  It’s also wise to bring your phone, not for texting or having a chat with your mates whilst you clean, but in the instance that there’s a power outage. It’s common for university showers to have cheap ceiling lights which are likely to cut out whilst you’re in there, so if your phone has a flashlight feature this will be a lifesaver, ensuring you won’t be fumbling about in the dark.

Bring Some Protection

Your flatmates may be the nicest people you’ve ever met in your life, but downstairs (on their feet, for you dirty minded people) it may be an entirely different story. Verruca’s, athlete’s foot, and all sorts of nasty foot infections commonly lurk in shared shower trays, so it’s essential for avoiding these ailments that you invest in a sturdy pair of flip flops – trust us, you’ll be thankful later. Whilst we’re talking about protection, one thing you will also need to protect is your modesty, so make sure you have an appropriate dressing gown or long towel to put on after you’ve showered for wearing back to your room. Whilst it might seem daring to run back in the buff, considering the amount of staff members or parents who may encounter you in the hallway, it just isn’t worth it.

Be Organized

There is such a thing as peak and off-peak times when it comes to showering in shared accommodation, normally the periods when students need to rush off to lectures or come back from their shifts behind the bar. It may take some time to establish what these times are but it’s certainly worth finding out, especially if you need some extra time to shave or dye your hair or whatever you need to do in the bathroom which takes longer than normal.

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