5 Common Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Job Search

There is an infinite number of people searching for a job in this fast-moving world. A certain need for money and pride creates an urge for them to get the best. Every other person is working hard to achieve a certain position and beat out the competition. It’s essentially important to find a good place, […]

Finding the Balance Between Work and Home Life

Often in our busy lives finding the balance between our work and home activities is a challenging job. You may have young toddlers who constantly need supervision or have other commitments outside of the office; whatever the circumstance, managing your time effectively is your best bet. However, it is important to not lose sight of […]

How to focus when working from home

The flexible timings provided in certain jobs in Mumbai or around the other IT belts of India is roping in highly skilled professionals who are increasingly opting for work from home. Work from home provides them the scope for multiple engagements while staying strictly professional. The advantages include more time with family, fewer mobility hassles, […]

Tips for Saving and Making Money on Vacation

Vacation is the time for spending your hard-earned money. Splurging on experiences, paying for lodging, buying souvenirs, ordering drinks, booking flights, and more are all going to require that you let go of the cash in your wallet. Your trip does not have to be exorbitantly expensive, though, if you practice frugality. Vacation is supposed […]

Being a lady in the corporate world

Business. It’s a man’s world, so to speak. Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough but being a female entrepreneur is even tougher. Women in business are constantly subjected to stereotypes and double standards; this makes focusing on growing your business and watching your bottom line even more challenging. Although being a female entrepreneur has its […]

How To Make Your Expat Blog Business A Success

As an expat, you’ve had tons of life experience. You’ve hopped on a plane, started a new life in a new country, and come across amazing adventures alongside challenges like culture shock and issues at the immigration office. And this whole time, you’ve been blogging about it. Whether you’re based in Paris or Taipei, you’ve […]